Oct 18 2010

The Social Network

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We all are victims of always having that Facebook tab open while we are multi tasking other objectives [ shoot I’m sure halfway through this sentence you went to see if someone liked your status or commented on your wall ] . It sad to see how one’s attention span defers based upon their usage of Facebook or other ” social-networking” utopia. After reading Boyd’s argument on i concur with his perception on how the social networks biased or better yet segregated based upon color ; let alone race. However his basis does hold some water in the evidence that a majority of Myspace as compared to Facebook admins happened to be of the ” colored ” decent in comparison to caucasian however this may be a coincidence. One point which however did catch my eye was the separation due to social status in relevance to financial basis. It caught my eye that more professional teens/young-adults use Facebook as compared to the ” immature” teens who still use myspace.

Facebook has been a key tool to me in especially growing my company from not only my small little town in Garden City Park but nationally to areas such a Chicago, Boston etc. However my approach wasn’t the same through myspace. To me myspace was just a beginning high school network used to keep in contact with a few friends as compared to Facebook where my networks are ever expanding. Me personal, I am a big supporter of Facebook, but don’t like that face that throughout writing this essay i check my profile [ along with others’] numerous times. Addicting yet time-consuming.

I dont mind teens/young adults using social networks, but use it to a discrete knowing that everyone can see whatever you post on Facebook or Myspace. In my perspective, to many profile pictures are submitted represent a different person as compared to who that person really is. For example , one may have a profile picture of a night out with the boys, but in reality he’s a smart young business man ready to land a job with Merryl-Lynch. However the deception of that picture ruins ones stature and identity. Yes, Facebook is good to get know, but you must have certain private areas to yourself you don’t want others to notice.

Laueau could possibly connect with Boyd in the sense that they both believe the social status are based upon something more that who you are , but your surroundings. Both believe that networks are created based upon you social status , financial basis, ethnicity, the color of your skin pigment etc. We are all categorized one group or another but to me its how you use it to your advantage in life. Both authors are brilliant in presenting proof of thesis. Kudos.

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